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petsmart_staff's Journal

Community for PetSmart employees
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Do you work at PetSmart? Do you have a question about the care of an animal, some advice to make the job run more smoothly, a stupid customer rant, something to say about management?

Then this community was created for you. Whether you have a fantastic idea that you'd like to share with other employees, or just need to let off some steam about that lady with the five goldfish in the bowl, this place is here as a center of communication for all things Petsmart!

Membership is open. As long as you work, or have worked, for a Petsmart, you are free to join. Do not join requesting information on working for Petsmart; if you don't work there yet, we can't discuss store policies with you.

Notice: All posts must be made friends only. Petsmart has made it clear that they do not want company information to be spread around the internet. If you do not filter your post, I won't change it for you. I will post, telling you to change it. If you do not change it, it's YOUR job on the line.

By joining, you understand that this is NOT something endorsed by Petsmart at all. You agree NOT to share any information outside of the community.

So we can get to know you, in your intro post please include the following information:

Number of years at Petsmart:
Department(s) you work in:
Pets you own:
Any other random info we might like to know:

That said... let's get this community rolling!