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30 July 2006 @ 12:47 am
Hey all, I'm Arianne, I just joined, and I've only been working at Petsmart for just over a month. I live in El Cajon, California, which is a suburb of San Diego. Originally, I was hired as a Cashier, but my store's Pet Care Manager is already changing me over to Specialty/Pet Care, and I'm sooo excited, so next week I'll be doing Petcare AND Cashier duties.

Currently, I have a Bluefront Amazon, a Cockatiel, a Cat, a Dog, Two fish tanks(one fresh, other salt) . . .and as of today, I just officially adopted my store's "Evil Hamster". lol. This lil girl was apparantly CRAZY, and would rush and RAM into the grate of her enclosure the second any Petcare associate would go into the back of the enclosures, and would literally bite the crud out of everyone. I guess she's been in the store since late April, early May, and has been too "Violent" to even sell. She's a nice colored Tortie, and since my manager MADE me get her out of her enclosure myself during closing, apparantly. . .she likes me. I'm amused, she's crawling all over me as I write this. I guess this counts as the "Interesting random info" as well. I'm also lucky I guess to have a LOT of rather nice managers. . .I believe there's 7 at my store in total. And, well, that's me :)
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(Anonymous) on November 11th, 2009 04:23 am (UTC)
how much does a pet care specialist get paid?