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24 October 2006 @ 08:17 pm
Name: Brittney
Age: 19
Location: West Warwick RI
Number of years at Petsmart: only 4 months =x
Department(s) you work in: pet specialty
Pets you own: betta, 2 oscars, pleco, bearded dragon, cat, and soon to be sun conure
Any other random info we might like to know: hmm no?
19 September 2006 @ 01:02 pm
UGH! so yesterday since our stock boy ryan quit on the spot I got stuck doing stocking and rolley bins instead of cashiering, which is what I do. A customer comes in because his bag was ripped and wants a new one, which requires me to go get one. Well, as all of you know there are a bajillion other bags on top of the one you always need. Long story short, by the time I got the bag out the man was walking out the door as I was sweating and being gross. ALL THAT WORK FOR NOTHING!
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17 September 2006 @ 02:19 pm
Name: Megan
#of years:n/a (2months)
location: millbury, ma
pets: bassett hound and wheaten terrier
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17 August 2006 @ 11:30 am
I'm putting my 2 week notice in to Petsmart today, it was alright working for them, but... I just can't take it anymore.
I'll miss my fellow employees and even some of the managers..
I will however not miss the people who need to not be allowed to own pets, or the people who assume they are better than me because I work as a cashier to pay my way through college...
If you can even call 13 hours a week pay.

This community was fun, I'll miss your stories and stuff.. unless I decide to stick around Petsmart in the LJ world. I'm gunna find a job that won't promice me 30 hours and give me 13.

Wish me luck..
30 July 2006 @ 12:47 am
Hey all, I'm Arianne, I just joined, and I've only been working at Petsmart for just over a month. I live in El Cajon, California, which is a suburb of San Diego. Originally, I was hired as a Cashier, but my store's Pet Care Manager is already changing me over to Specialty/Pet Care, and I'm sooo excited, so next week I'll be doing Petcare AND Cashier duties.

Currently, I have a Bluefront Amazon, a Cockatiel, a Cat, a Dog, Two fish tanks(one fresh, other salt) . . .and as of today, I just officially adopted my store's "Evil Hamster". lol. This lil girl was apparantly CRAZY, and would rush and RAM into the grate of her enclosure the second any Petcare associate would go into the back of the enclosures, and would literally bite the crud out of everyone. I guess she's been in the store since late April, early May, and has been too "Violent" to even sell. She's a nice colored Tortie, and since my manager MADE me get her out of her enclosure myself during closing, apparantly. . .she likes me. I'm amused, she's crawling all over me as I write this. I guess this counts as the "Interesting random info" as well. I'm also lucky I guess to have a LOT of rather nice managers. . .I believe there's 7 at my store in total. And, well, that's me :)
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22 July 2006 @ 11:44 pm
are there any petsmarts overseas, in other countries and stuff?
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10 June 2006 @ 01:27 pm
hello, i'm new here and was hoping someone could help answer my question. i had my interview with petsmart yesterday and they said that i did extremely well and didn't even have to come in for a 2nd interview. so i went and took my drug test and now i'm just waiting to hear back from them. i'm positive i'm hired, but the woman who was supposed to interview me wasn't there, so the lady who did interview me didn't know how much i would be getting paid for my position (overnight stock). i was just wondering if anyone here knows how much the overnight stock crew gets paid? i just want to know if i should be still looking for other jobs in the meantime or if this will be a pretty decent pay to get me through the summer at least.

thanks in advance for any help.

Location:Holland, PA
Number of years at Petsmart: none so far
Department(s) you work in: overnight stock
Pets you own: two chinchillas, a rabbit, and a dog
05 June 2006 @ 10:02 pm
I'm currently looking into relocating closer to my boyfriend, and I realized there's a PetSmart near him. I've never worked with animals professionally, but I hope to go back to school eventually to major in animal care. Its tough finding work with animals when you're professionally inexperienced. I was wondering what kind of experience you need to work as a pet care specialist, and what kind of things it involves? Thanks! :)
01 April 2006 @ 12:53 am
Name: amber lynn paul
Age: 19
Location: mcdonough, georgia
Number of years at Petsmart: 1 and counting
Department(s) you work in: grooming
Pets you own: oh no.. here we go. 1 kitten, 2 ball pythons, 1 sun conure, 1 lovebird, 1 chubby tree frog, 1 guineapig, 5 rats, 2 western ornate box turtles, 7 betas, 2 guppies, 2 cray fish, 2 gold fish. i think thats it...
Any other random info we might like to know:
my roommate also works at petsmart with me. as well as my sister (my boss) and my brother... family business?? hmm.
13 March 2006 @ 05:15 pm
we just changed out fish plan-o-gram and now have the new fish tags, which I am sure many of you have also.
I have a few qualms-
the picture tag for the rubber lip pleco, it used to say they get to a maximum size of 8 inches the new tag says they get to a maximum size of 24 inches, that's a big change! and it has confused me and customers alike.
Next why are the " community-goldfish" dojo loaches in the same tank as the " tropical-semi-agressive" tiger barbs?
and I have gotten caught on these picture tags and scratched up my hands and arm so many times already on the sharp egdes of these tags , it's unbelievable.

Do you have these same qualms on the new plan-o-gram andfish tags, or have any of your own?